Dark Souls 3 Gets Moody New “True Colours” Trailer


The more I see of Dark Souls 3, the more I want it. Capcom have just dropped a new trailer that’s accompanied by very different version of the song True Colours

The trailer is called The True Colours Of Darkness (great name for a metal band) and involves lots and lots of stabbing and slashing and the swinging of swords and the slaying of hell beasts.

At this point I’ve seen pretty much everything I need to see of the game. The grim monsters, the desolate locations, and the abundance of nasty ways to die all look to be in place – It’s just a case of getting my hands on the damn thing now.

Dark Souls 3 is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC on April 12. Xbox One digital pre-orders of the game will come with a download code for the original Dark Souls.