Dark Souls 3 Incredible Opening Cinematic Released


Every picture, trailer, and scrap of news has us counting down the days until Dark Souls 3, when we’ll be able to die again and again (and probably again). It’s more fun than it sounds, anyway.

To capitalise on this hype train, Namco Bandai have decided to share the opening cinematic for Dark Souls 3, which perfectly sets the scene for the coming challenges, and introduces the world of Lothric to newcomers.

Obviously we’re not gonna give you a blow by blow account of the trailer – you can watch it below to get the full effect. Needless to say, it’s moody, gorgeous, and intensely atmospheric.

Giant bosses, big ass swords, and some creepy looking black ooze all make an appearance, and will presumably each contribute in their own way to many a grisly death.

Dark Souls 3 is the third entry in the Dark Souls series (if you can believe such a thing) and comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 24.