Dark Souls 3 Player Disguises Himself As NPC And Trolls Hard


C’mon guys, Dark Souls 3 is hard enough without us turning on each other and setting fiendish traps to trick players to their doom.

Ah well, it’s pretty funny to be fair. YouTuber fuolox (or FuO on Dark Souls) has been dressing up as Unbreakable Patches, a notoriously tricky NPC from the Dark Souls games – and he’s been playing out the part with gusto.

Rather than help struggling players, FuO has decided to invade the worlds of his fellow gamers to sew misery and discontent. FuO hides himself away at the end of a bridge that crosses a deep pit and waits.

You’re better of watching the video below to see what happens. It’s hardly the plot twist of the century, but it’s more fun if you discover for yourself all the same.

Clearly I can never cross a bridge in Dark Souls 3 again. I’ll add that to the ever growing list of things I’m incapable of doing in that damn game.