Darth Vader Channels ‘Bad Santa’ And ‘The Grinch’ In Hilarious New Video

by : UNILAD on : 22 Dec 2015 19:49
YouTube/Corridor Digital

If Star Wars has taught us anything, it’s that Darth Vader is a pretty angry dude. But, if this new video is to be believed, there’s nothing he despises more than Christmas.


A new anti-holiday short film courtesy of Corridor Digital features the villain from the original trilogy becoming ‘Darth Santa’ and making it his mission to ruin Xmas.

And, the hilarious video shows just how much the Sith Lord hates the holiday season – grinding cookies into the carpet, knocking over expensive presents using the Force, and pouring milk into children’s stockings.

While all of that may seem harsh to some, I think we can all at least sympathise with Darth Santa’s decision to push over a Christmas tree when he sees a Jar-Jar Binks ornament hung on it.


The video brings to mind both Bad Santa and The Grinch but, if you’re thinking that Vader’s heart is going to grow three sizes thanks to the warm-hearted spirit of the Christmas season, just wait ’til you see his reaction when he encounters a smiling child.

Still, the main question we have after watching this is, where can we get ourselves a candy cane lightsaber? That’s the new ‘must have’ gift this Christmas, in our opinion!

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