‘Darth Vader’ Defeated As He Accidentally Impales Himself With Lightsaber



The dark side may be ‘the quick and easy way to power’ but it seems even the fearsome power of the Force can’t stop you making a tit of yourself.

A video’s been released showing the moment a Star Wars fan dressed as the formidable Sith Lord, Darth Vader, accidentally impales himself with his own lightsaber – in the groin.

The clip shows a man dressed as the fallen Jedi, Darth Vader, fighting another fan dressed as his old master Obi-Wan Kenobi.


In the footage, Obi draws his blue lightsaber and points it at Vader who then tries to extend his own. Unfortunately the unlucky Sith’s holding his weapon upside down and accidentally pokes it into his privates – ouch.

Hilariously though he manages to stay in character and dramatically goes down on the floor as if he had been sliced with the deadly weapon.

Obi-Wan, realising his opponent’s faux pas, grabs his head in embarrassment and walks away from his defeated nemesis, laughing under his hood.

giphy (1)

Adding to the humiliation, a nearby Alsatian, who must be an alien Jedi, decides to join in the fun and begins to climb all over the man dressed as Vader.

He tries to fight the dog off but it clambers over him trying to lick his face as the crowd laugh at the pair on the floor.

This was probably more humiliating for Vader than the whole of Episode II.