Dashcam Footage Shows Police Ramming Moped Gangs Off Their Bikes

Dashcam footage shows moped gangs getting hitMet Police

Astonishing dashcam footage which has released by The Met Police shows moped gangs getting knocked off their bikes.

In an attempt to get the violent gangs off the streets for good, the Met Police have shared their new tactics with the public.

And those tactics include ramming suspects off their bikes if necessary, even if the person isn’t wearing a helmet at the time.

The release of the footage comes after the head of the Met’s Operation Venice Team said moped and motorbike criminals will be targeted ‘at every opportunity’, even if they are riding dangerously – for example without a helmet.

It is hoped that the footage, which was released today (November 23) will make criminals think twice about their actions in the future, because it is so extreme.

You can take a look at the footage below:

The reasoning behind the change of tactic is because of the perception that police would not chase someone without a helmet, for fear of causing injury to that person.

However, Commander Amanda Pearson of Frontline Policing wants people to know that this is  not true.

In a statement released by Met Police, she said:

The Met is at the forefront of tackling moped and motorcycle crime and I am pleased to see that we have seen a reduction in offences. However, we are not complacent and we will continue to work tirelessly across London to maintain this downward trend.

Operation Venice can call on all manner of tactics from an experienced investigation team to police helicopters to tackle and arrest offenders.There is a perception that if you remove your helmet or fail to stop for police when requested to do so we will not take any further course of action. This is untrue.

Dashcam footage shows moped gangs getting hitMet Police

She went on to say that the police will do anything they can to ‘keep London safe’, and that they will intervene when necessary.

She said:

Our highly trained police drivers weigh up the risks and decide upon the most appropriate tactics in those circumstances.

Offenders on mopeds and motorcycles who attempt to evade the police are making a choice that puts themselves and others at risk.

So our message is clear: we can, we will and we do target those involved in moped and motorcycle crime at every opportunity.

Figures show that, as a result of the proactive policing led by the Operation Venice Investigations Team, there have been great reductions in moped crime across London.

Last year, between January and October, there were 19,455 offences across London. However, this has reduced by more than 7,000 between January and October this year, whereby there have been 12,419 offences. This equates to a fall of 36 per cent.

There has also been a reduction of 32 per cent for moped theft; figures show that last year, between January and October, there were 12,192 offences across London. This has reduced by nearly 4,000 between January and October this year, whereby there have been just 8,261 offences.

The police are hoping that by showing criminals the consequences of their actions, this will make them think twice before committing a crime.

And if the figures are anything to go by, it seems to be working.

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