‘Dating Guru’ Who Charges Thousands Reveals His Best Pick-Up Tips



Finding a date, without putting in the hard work of forging a genuine human connection, has never been easier, thanks to the internet. But if you’ve decided that you’re so desperate that pissing away thousands of pounds of cash is a good idea, you could always hire a dating coach.

One such coach is Chris Manak, 35, who helps people who should know better, like pilots, businessmen, actors, doctors, and even models learn how to flirt with women. He claims that he’s had hundreds of successes.

Clients, with more money than brain cells, pay $3,500 (£2337.56) for a five-week “Maniac Workshop” course, which requires them to write a 1,000 word essay about their values, includes a consultation and a bar session.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, Manak said: “They’ll probably approach five girls in each day session… Then there is a night session, where we go out to a bar for four hours and approach and talk to a lot of people.”

Manak began his career at 24 after a break up and claims to have approached over 10,000 women in an 11-year period. We’ve powered up the old UNILAD supercomputer and worked out, if those figures are true, he’s basically spoken to two and a half women every day for the last decade.

Chris said that his goal is not necessarily to find his clients a girl, but on personal growth, which sounds like horse shit considering he describes his own clients as running “amok”.

The seduction ‘artist’ said:

I didn’t do it for the girls, I did it for the growth and kept at it for years and years and years.

I have ongoing coaching because that’s me getting you out of the block and have to keep running.

It’s unravelling all the crap that’s been jammed in your head.

Most of my guys end up in relationships, but ordinarily they will get the skills, run amok for a bit and then get the girl they want.

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The dating guru’s top tip is to find a specific trait to compliment a woman on, instead of asking her for the time or proceeding to ramble.

‘Say, “excuse me,” and give her a moment to register and look at you,’ he said.

Mr Manak also said men should not aim to ‘win her over,’ as the woman standing in front of them is most likely not the person they are going to date or marry. “If a girl walks past you and she looks absolutely phenomenal, don’t stop and ask her the friggin’ time!” he said.

He says: ‘Don’t go in thinking “how can I make this girl fall in love with me?” as you’ve already put her on a pedestal.’

As for red flags, the dating coach said, demonstrating a hilarious lack of self awareness: ‘Don’t be that creepy guy.”

Words to live by.