Daughter Of Big Game Hunter Crushed To Death By Elephant Posts Weird Tribute


The daughter of a big game hunter who was crushed to death by an elephant has posted a tribute and it’s not the kind anyone wanted to see. 

Theunis Botha was crushed to death on Friday by an elephant, and given his profession the news divided opinion like marmite.

Carmen Botha decided to share a snap in her father’s memory of the pair grinning over a dead gazelle they’d just slaughtered, the Mirror reports.

Facebook/Carmen Botha

Despite the nature of her dad’s death and the fact hunting is widely thought of as a vile act, Carmen’s opinion of the ‘sport’ clealry isn’t changing anytime soon.

The 21-year-old’s post actually went down surprisingly well though, receiving well over 100 likes and messages of support following her father’s unexpected death.

Although few had sympathy for the man who shot rare and beautiful creatures for a living, many people did for the tribute post, describing Theunis as a ‘legend.’


Others posted their tributes to him on Facebook, seeming to forget the devastation he’d caused to wildlife while he was alive.

One wrote:

RIP Theunis Botha. Our heartfelt condolences to Carike and family. He was a great man! So sad!

Another added:

A legend has fallen but will never be forgotten… It’s with a sad heart that we say goodbye to you Oom Theunis Botha. Our deepest condolences to the family. May God be with you all in this difficult time.

YouTube/Theunis Botha

Of course, not everyone felt sorrow at Botha’s untimely passing and used it as a chance to share their thoughts against hunting.

One wrote:

You should be crying for the innocent elephant that was senselessly murdered not this idiot hunter who deserved what he got.

Theunis was on a hunt in Gwai, Zimbabwe when he picked a fight with the wrong herd, resulting in him being crushed to death by one of the panicked mammals.

YouTube/Theunis Botha

According to Netwerk24, the 51-year-old sprung out on four elephants with the rest of his gang – their guns blazing – only for things to terribly wrong.

A female elephant – clearly distressed by the ambush – snatched up Theunis in her trunk, but when she was shot at by another hunter, she collapsed on top of him, crushing him to death.

Botha – who was a father of five – specialised in hunting big game and took rich foreigners with him on trips to hunt animals such as lions and leopards.


He set up his own company in the 80s called Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris and Hounds.

One of his friend’s – Scott Van Zyl – was killed by crocodiles – also while hunting last month –  so clearly this line of work is not only barbaric but highly dangerous too.