Daunte Wright’s Family Is Demanding Life Sentence For Cop Who Killed Him

by : Saman Javed on : 16 Apr 2021 13:16
Daunte Wright's Family Is Demanding Life Sentence For Cop Who Killed HimKatie Wright/PA Images

The family of Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old who was fatally shot by a police officer during a traffic stop, have reacted to the news that the officer will be charged with second-degree manslaughter.

Former Minnesota police officer Kim Potter, who has served in the Brooklyn Center Police Department for 26 years, shot Wright in the chest on April 11, after reportedly trying to deploy her taser.


After the fatal shooting, Potter resigned from her position and was arrested on second-degree manslaughter charges. She was released on a $100,000 bond on Wednesday, April 14.


Speaking at a news conference yesterday, April 15, Wright’s mother said in an emotional statement, ‘Justice isn’t even a word to me,’ MailOnline reports.

‘The last few days everybody has asked me what we want, what do we wanna see happen? And everybody keeps saying ‘justice’ but unfortunately, there’s never gonna be justice for us,’ she said, standing next to Wright’s father.


‘Justice would bring our son home to us, knocking on the door with his big smile, coming in the house, sitting down and eating dinner with us, going out for lunch, playing with his one-year-old almost-two-year-old son, giving him a kiss before he walks out the door,’ she continued.

‘Justice isn’t even a word to me. I do want accountability, 100% accountability,’ she added.


Wright’s aunt Naisha also spoke, delivering an impassioned speech that demanded Potter receives a life sentence.


Holding up printed pictures of a yellow taser and a gun side-by-side, she said: ‘This is a taser, y’all see the difference? But no, my nephew was killed with this, a glock.’

‘Can we get a conviction? Can we get something? Manslaughter?!’ Naisha said.

‘My brother and my sister need this woman to be convicted. If we could have life, we want life,’ she added. ‘We gotta go life without him.’


Potter’s defence that she confused her taser for her gun has led to a fierce backlash, with many pointing out that she has served in the police force for 26 years and should be well aware of the difference.

‘The 26-year-veteran cop, former president of the police union, doesn’t know the difference between a taser and a gun, and you say more training would’ve fixed this?’ Missouri congresswoman Cori Bush wrote on Twitter.

‘Nah. But I bet she would’ve known the difference if Daunte wasn’t a Black boy or if he was her loved one,’ Bush added.

The Wright family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, also spoke at the conference. Holding up the pictures of the two weapons, he said: ‘It was daylight. A Glock 17 and a taser. So it’s very difficult for this family to accept that this is an accident when you have a veteran who’s been on the police force for 26 years.


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  1. MailOnline

    Daunte Wright's family demands Minnesota cop Kimberly Potter receive a LIFE sentence and claim she's been under charged