Damon Albarn Carried Off Stage After Refusing To End Five-Hour Set



You know how sometimes, the crowd are kept waiting for ages to see their favourite act come on at a festival, only to be left disappointed?

Yeah, well that didn’t happen to fans of Damon Albarn, who had to be carried off stage during his latest performance, after refusing to end his set despite it being the early hours of the morning.

The Blur frontman was performing as part of the Africa Express project – a project designed to bring different styles of music together from across the globe – and made sure that his performance was unforgettable.

He was performing at the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, and went above and beyond for his fans, literally refusing to leave the stage, carrying on, and on and on.

He can also be heard refusing to leave when his tour manager tells him to, saying:

Fuck that! Fuck what anyone says. If you want more, we’re gonna give you more. You’ve gotta say ‘More! More! More!’

Now, I’m all for dedication and an encore, but for a set to last that long, going on well past the curfew of 4am, even I think that’s getting a little bit too much for your money.

After totally refusing to leave, security eventually carried him off stage and everyone was able to leave.