David Attenborough Brands Climate Crisis A ‘Crime’ That Humans Have Committed

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Amid calls for more action on the climate crisis, Sir David Attenborough says humanity has ‘committed a crime’ against the planet. 

In November later this year, the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will meet for the COP26 conference.


The beloved broadcaster has been travelling the world for nearly 70 years, actively speaking on environmental issues and global warming in recent years, to the point he’s been named the ‘People’s Advocate’ for the conference. He also serves as an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund. At the age of 95, he still expects the best from us.

In a new 60 Minutes interview with CBS, Sir David spoke about his life documenting the natural world. ‘I want [people] to know… not the human story particularly, but the story of life on this Earth, how it developed,’ he said.

While he’s widely known as the the voice of Planet Earth, in its wonder and tragedy, the naturalist’s stance as an animal advocate and conservationist hasn’t always featured in his work, previously believing he should offer an ‘objective depiction of the natural world.’



He said: ‘The most important job is persuading people that the natural world is complex and wonderful and one of the most precious things we have. And if you’re going to do that, then every time you do it, you show the facts, you end up by saying… and it’s all disappearing and it’s all your fault.’


David Attenborough Warns Humans ‘On Verge Of Destabilising The Entire Planet’

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However, with his film A Life on Our Planet, he put forward a ‘witness statement’ to the ‘crimes’ humans have committed against the planet.

In his recent interview, he explained: ‘We’re both in broadcasting, if you’re going be telling something as though it’s true, you better be sure it’s true. So I didn’t say anything much about the world being in ecological peril until I was absolutely sure that what I was talking about was correct.’


Sir David added: ‘Our planet is headed for disaster… there’s a huge movement around the world of people from all nations, young people who can see what is happening to the world, and demanding that their government should take action. And that’s the best hope that I have.’

It’s now time to ‘put aside national ambitions and look for an international ambition of survival,’ he said. ‘What good does it do to say… oh, to hell with it, I don’t care. You can’t say that. Not if… you love your children… how can you say that?’

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