David Attenborough Is Back With Planet Earth 2 And The Trailer Looks Amazing

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2016 12:34

Be prepared to freak the hell out.


A decade after the first Planet Earth series was filmed, the UK’s favourite national treasure Sir David Attenborough will be back to narrate the lives of some of the world’s most incredible creatures with Planet Earth 2 – and the trailer is finally here.

The new docu-series, which begins later this month on BBC One, will have six episodes, each just under an hour long, the Daily Mail reports. And just like the first Planet Earth, each week will deal with life in a different environment, from mountains, to islands to jungles.


Taking us to the Galapagos, India, Madagascar, the island of Zavodovski, and a whole host of other amazing places, each 50-minute episode will offer viewers a global overview of a different habitat on earth, followed by a 10-minute behind-the-scenes featurette.


And it looks fucking magical.

While the BBC has only said the new documentary is ‘coming soon’, Wikipedia seems to point to late October and early November as the airing dates.


However, whether Snoop Dogg will be enlisted to help Attenborough out is unfortunately in doubt. Even after more than 65,000 people signed a petition to get the rapper to narrate a whole season of the show, following his ‘Plizzanet Earth’ skit on Jimmy Kimmel.

Snoop or no Snoop though, this Planet Earth is set to be absolutely incredible.


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