David Attenborough Narrating Pokémon GO Is Everything We Ever Wanted


Aside from being a legal form of cock fighting, Pokémon GO is basically one giant hunt for rare species of exotic animals.

So who better to narrate a mockumentary documentary about hunting down the rarest of Pokémon than the legendary naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough.

The hilarious clip is the work of Lovin’ Dublin and sees a Spearow, a Charmander and a Zubat get captured in the claustrophobic little balls while Attenborough narrates the battle of ‘man versus nature’.

giphy (15)

Surprisingly, the short little video is pretty damn accurate, especially when Attenborough  says: ‘Bats, with their fluttering, zigzag flight, are not easy targets’ while the infuriated player lobs ball after ball at an irritating Zubat.

That said, I’m not sure that a tiny Charmander could ever be considered a top predator, especially considering its bigger, scarier evolution.