David Attenborough Receiving Death Threats After Controversial Joke

by : UNILAD on : 18 Nov 2016 10:44

Americans, famous for their understanding of humour and sarcasm, have somehow taken our nation’s biggest treasure too seriously and sent him death threats.


Remember when Sir David Attenborough joked that ‘we could shoot’ Donald Trump in an intreview with Radio Times?

Well the President-elect’s avid supporters are threatening the Planet Earth legend and are calling for an FBI investigation.


At the end of the interview, when Attenborough was asked how we could solve the problem of the billionaire tycoon becoming president, he quipped ‘We could shoot him, it’s not a bad idea’, before chuckling.


Interesting that they’re not getting worked up about all the threatening behaviour of the soon-to-be leader, but one naturalist jokes about shooting Trump and the gloves are off.

David Attenborough wouldn’t hurt a fly and told the Independent that ‘It was a jocular remark’, not meant to be taken seriously.


It sounds outrageous that an investigations would take place for such a remark, but one college professor was detained and forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation after criticising Trump online.

Ban him from the US? Because of all places in the world he could go, that’s where he would choose…


The BBC declined to comment on Attenborough’s comments.

…probably because it was a fucking JOKE.

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    Sir David Attenborough receives death threats after saying ‘we could shoot’ Donald Trump