David Beckham Admits That He Sent Expletive-Filled Emails

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David Beckham has admitted he sent sweary emails that were exposed by Football Leaks.

The alleged emails appear to show the 41-year-old football icon calling the honours committee “unappreciative c**ts”, apparently rejecting lesser honours by saying; “Unless it’s a knighthood f*** off”, reported The Mirror.

Initially it was unclear if the hack was genuine but The Mirror claim he has confessed to sending them by telling friends they were written “in the heat of the moment”.

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Beckham also reiterated his claim that some of the emails had been “doctored”. Although, he hasn’t said which ones, meaning people can choose which ones they want to believe.

The leaked emails reveal he wrote to PR man Simon Oliveira after being passed over for a knighthood in 2013.

These emails have done serious damage to Beckham’s wholesome public image and made people question whether his high-profile charity work for UNICEF was just to try and get a knighthood.

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One of the emails appears to show Beckham reluctant to donate $1m to a UNICEF event, saying; “it’ my f***ing money”.

A close friend of the former England Captain spoke to The Mirror:

He is very calm at the moment because he knows the great work that he has done for UNICEF. But he is just saddened that people would question all of that work.

Genuinely, he wasn’t as vitriolic as that, but you do say some things in private and in the heat of the moment.

To be honest, he does feel that he has given so much to his country. And sometimes you say things in private that anyone would say and you don’t really mean it.

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Seems like David Beckham has been really caught out and caused some serious harm to his personal image – which is worth a lot of money.

There is a lesson here for everyone about being careful about what you post online, even private messages can be shared when you least expect it.