David Beckham Shares Message He Accidentally Sent To His Mum


David Beckham has recently been on a trip to Macau. When he came back he was understandably jet-lagged.

To be fair, most flights from the UK to Macau take around 16 hours from A to B, so it’s only fair to give Dave some leeway on this.

But what happened is pretty damn funny.

Night shoots in Macau ?? and making new friends #Macau ♥️

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So the story goes, when David was feeling jet-lagged, he replied to a message his mum, Sandra, had sent him, reports The Sun.

The message he received simply read:

Hi just wondering if your home. [sic]

But Beckham replied:

Hey your hot back this morning went to the country now at […] just going to bed soon.

As you can probably imagine, it’s the first three words David sent to his mum which got most people talking.

‘Hey your hot’. Sounds more like a first message on Tinder than a message to your mum.

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Although nothing is certain I guess he either thought in his sleepiness he was talking to Victoria, or he meant to say ‘hey you, got back this morning’, or maybe ‘hey, yeah, got back this morning’.

We’ll never know.

Becks posted the conversation to his Instagram story, writing over it: 

When you are jet lagged and send your mum the wrong message.

Beckham also showcased his new head tattoo, a selection of planets on the left hand side of his cranium.

The tat was made visible thanks to Beckham’s new and much shorter haircut.

It’s an interesting one… Although I personally think it’d look better inside a science textbook than on the side of my head.

At the tail end of last year, Beckham came under fire when a video emerged of him with his six-year-old daughter, Harper, sat on his lap while behind the steering wheel of a golf cart.

The short black and white filtered clip shows the happy father and daughter driving the buggy, both clearly enjoying the moment as Harper smiles and David kisses his youngest on the head.

However the commenters came out in force in both sides of shock and support – anyone would think he’d tapped Diego Simeone on the back of the leg a la France ’98.

Someone loves her daddy! #drivingmissharper kisses x @davidbeckham

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User jlunn62 called it with the comment:

Love it! Someone will jump on the band wagon and say it’s dangerous watch this space!

Then powderpinkeos chimed in with the outrage, commenting:

Take that down before social services come to take your child for negligence and endangerment in US. [sic]

I honestly can’t tell if there’s sarcasm in that one or vitriol? Our Dave is a bit of a dividing character like that I guess?


Another user, lornabrowett, brought a voice of reason to the comments, saying:

What’s wrong with some people, this is a lovely Dad and Daughter moment. She is with her Dad who would never let any harm come to her.

Lighten up I for one love how the family let us share their spacial moments.

While Kitty4983 added a little cynicism to the mix adding:

I think you knew this video would be controversial!


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