David Beckham Surprises Family With $100,000 On Ryan Seacrest’s New TV Show

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jul 2015 18:48

When one Californian family opened their front door, the last thing they expected was to find David Beckham standing there with a whole heap of cash!


The footballer’s surprise was part of Ryan Seacrest’s new TV show ‘Knock Knock Live’ which surprises unsuspecting U.S families with a live camera crew and the chance to win a lot of money.

However, in this case, the family didn’t even have to compete for the cash.

In Tuesday’s premiere episode of the show, host Seacrest revealed that football icon Beckham was en-route to the Gonzales household. The father, Victor, had been a professional football player in Mexico but had to give it up and take a job in construction to support his family – and he only got to see them once a month because of his work.



Seacrest revealed that Beckham, who comes from a working-class background, wanted to reward a hard-working family similar to his own.

And the reaction of Mrs Gonzales when he greeted them at the door was incredible. We reckon she was pretty shocked to see him there!

Becks handed out seven new iPhones, with bills covered for 10 years, and then handed over a tiny envelope containing a cheque for an incredible $100,000, which resulted in a lot of tears and hugs from the overjoyed family.


Afterwards, an emotional Beckham said:

Giving the cheque for $100k, you can see it means so much to them. You can see it has literally changed their lives. I’m very fortunate in my life, and to be able to do this for this family that works so hard… it is an amazing feeling.

What an amazing, feel-good moment this was. And, of course, the family then made sure Beckham joined them in the back garden for a quick kick-about to celebrate!

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    David Beckham surprises family with $100,000 on emotional and tearful first episode of Ryan Seacrest's new TV show Knock Knock Live