David Brent Releases New Hilarious Life On The Road Music Video


They say that the best writers write what they know and it seems that the world’s best boss, David Brent, has taken this to heart, penning a beautiful song about his ‘life on the road’. 

The song, which was really written by Ricky Gervais for the upcoming David Brent movie Life on the Road, is a wonderful and powerfully moving piece about the rigours of being a travelling sales rep.

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We learn that David Brent is capable of meeting all your toiletry needs, and is going all the way from Millbank to Ipswich to earn a living (at 70mph but no more).

As a proud northerner it’s also good to know that David’s not been neglecting sales opportunities up here, apparently having visited the jewel of the Mersey, Widnes.

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While the song’s hilarious, it also offers a glimpse into the mundane and melancholy life Brent’s had since he was sacked from Wernham-Hogg. Here’s hoping Gervais doesn’t punish his most famous creation too much in the movie.

The track will of course feature in Life on the Road and the album of the same name – both of which will be released on August 19.

Tom Percival

Tom Percival

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