David Cameron Getting £10 Million ‘Budget Version’ Of Obama’s Air Force One


Apparently our beloved PM is to get his own downgraded version of the U.S. President’s Air Force One. 

According to the Daily Telegraph, the government is planning to spend £10million refitting an RAF plane, which would be used by the Prime Minister, senior ministers and even members of the royal family.

The PM is the only leader of a G20 nation who does not currently have an aircraft, so he is obviously feeling a bit left out at summits at the moment. Ministers claim the plane would actually save up to £775,000 a year by replacing the charter flights used for long-distance trips abroad.


A government source told the Telegraph: 

The aircraft will not be luxurious. This is about saving taxpayers money. There will be upfront costs but by using a refitted RAF Voyager instead of chartering private aircraft for each long-distance trip, we will save taxpayers money.


Air Force One cost around £200million, so CameronAir (as it probably won’t be called) sounds like it will be significantly less plush than the president’s luxury jet. However, D-Cam is not the first PM to want his own airliner, Tony Blair had planned to buy two private jets at a cost of about £100m, but Blair Force One was scrapped by Gordon Brown. Takes a braver man than me to defy warmongering old Tony.