David Cameron Has Even Managed To Piss Off His Own Mum With His Latest Policy


As a kid growing up you’re constantly trying to seek your parents’ approval (or is it just me?) and when you don’t it’s pretty gutting. 

So spare a thought (or don’t) for our lovely PM, David Cameron. He’s pissing pretty much everyone off right now with his brutal cuts to social services and it now seems even his own mum is refusing to support his politics.

Mary Cameron recently signed a petition opposing government cuts to children’s services that are set to be put in place in the Prime Minister’s constituency. Nice to see his bullshit doesn’t run in his family.


The 81-year-old former magistrate put her name to a campaign which is hopeful of saving several children’s centres which are down to be closed by Conservative-led Oxfordshire county council.

The petition has been signed by thousands, including Mrs Cameron herself, and she reportedly signed it while visiting DC himself in Oxfordshire.

If these savage cuts do go ahead, all 44 of the county’s children’s centres will be shut and replaced by eight children and family centres. However, these would only be accessible by referral.

Adrian Dennis

But don’t worry guys, David Cameron supports the campaign against public spending cuts in his constituency as a ‘family man’, his own aunt has said today.

This isn’t the first time he’s kind of forgotten that he’s in charge of this country and wanted to complain about policies ‘as a parent’ that he and his own government have made.

Back in November, leaked messages showed him criticising his own county’s council leader for considering cuts to elderly day centres, libraries and museums.


If only there was a way David could have done something about that. Oh wait…