DayZ Social Experiment: Strangers Are Handed Guns, With Unsurprising Results


YouTuber Cyborg Lizard has been conducting an interesting “social experiment” on the open world zombie MMO DayZ. In the video below, our hero wanders the world handing random players a gun, to see what they’d do with it. 

The answer of course, is obvious – they all try and shoot. Unfortunately for them, the gun Cyborg Lizard hands them is empty. After the tell-tale clicking noise issues from the flaccid weapon, the players attempt to leg it.

CL gives chase, occasionally giving them shit for their lack of morality, sometimes just whacking them on the head with a hammer for their troubles. Check it out below.

Obviously this (hopefully) isn’t reflective of how these people would behave in real life. DayZ is just a game after all, and if someone handed me a weapon you bet your arse I’d use it to do ’em in and nick their stuff. Of course in real life, I’d just nick their stuff.

This isn’t the first DayZ social experiment from Cyborg Lizard. He’s also offered weed to players and in another, sees if anyone will help a freshly spawned character with no gear.