‘Dead’ Man ‘Wakes Up’ Just Moments Before Being Buried


A young man was discovered to be alive by an undertaker just moments before he was put in a coffin.

Franklin Mandujano Doroteo was mistakenly pronounced dead by doctors at of the Contingency Hospital of Tingo Maria in the central Peruvian department of Huanuco.

But he was actually heavily sedated after being given drugs by medics, according to reports.

The 24-year-old was taken to an undertaker where his body was prepared for burial.

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Video Credit: CEN

He was being prepared to be put into his coffin before being interred. But one of the workers realised he was still breathing and rushed him to a hospital.

Unfortunately he was pronounced dead soon after arriving at the hospital. Now, Mr Doroteo’s family are seeking justice for their loved one and police are investigating the case.

The story spread across the internet as netizens gave their own thoughts on what had happened. But it was suspected he was given a sedative after suffering a fever following dental work.

It is not known whether the police are investigating the doctors for negligence or not.

It is also not known whether the family will be taking action against the medics following Mr Doroteo’s death, or whether the mistaken proclamation of death led to his actual death as treatment was therefore not given.