Deadly Black Mamba Snake ‘On The Loose’ In London

by : Tom Percival on : 15 Jan 2016 10:54
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A deadly black mamba snake is on the loose in London and the public are being warned not to mess with her.

The venomous snake, which is delightfully called Rosie, has been on the loose in London for ten days now after she escaped from her enclosure, The Daily Mail report.


Unfortunately the snake is one of the most deadly in the world and can potentially grow to a whopping 15ft-long.

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Posters have been put up around King’s Cross, London asking people to check their homes for the serpent, which it’s believed will seek out a nice warm hiding place, like behind a washing machine or under a car seat.

The notice, which contains a photo of Rosie, warns anyone who sees the snake not to approach it, as she’s highly venomous.


It reads:



Rosie’s owner has also offered a reward to anyone who finds the snake and added their phone number to call.


However if you ring the number no one answers, leading people to believe the posters may be a practical joke.

Black mambas are one of the most feared snakes in Africa and have the second most potent venom in the world, beaten only by the King Cobra.

The snakes are also pretty fast, for snakes, and are capable of travelling at speeds of up to 7mph, which makes them about as quick as a human jogging.


Thankfully bites are rare, although if you are bitten they’re fatal within minutes unless anti-venom is administered, and in Africa a bite from the snake is known as ‘the kiss of death’.

Simon Reeve, 45, has dramatically claimed that the snakes escape has given him nightmares.

He told The Daily Mail:

I’ve been having nightmares about a giant snake curled up in my bed, so I check the covers every night and anywhere else it might be hiding. I remember reading about black mambas at school, so I know they could travel pretty fast – they’d certainly catch up to a jogger if they wanted to, but I’d be sprinting if I saw one, let me tell you.


Police have said that missing snakes are a matter for the RSPCA and the charity have confirmed they are investigating the claims.

The RPCA scientific officer for exotic animals, Alexandra Jones, said:

Black mamba venom is deadly, as they are related to cobras. For this reason, mambas are considered a ‘dangerous wild animal’ and so require a licence to be kept. Part of the licensing process is ensuring the animal cannot escape.

So if you live in London maybe don’t worry too much, as the RSPCA seem to think it might be a prank as well – but if by chance you do spot Rosie don’t go picking her up…

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    Deadly Black Mamba snake is on the loose in London: Terrifying posters say if you find the 'kiss of death' serpent called Rosie she should NOT be handled!