Deadpool 2 Blooper Reel Is Ryan Reynolds At His Very Best

20th Century Fox

The Merc With A Mouth is back in a brand new and even more outrageous cut of his latest, hilarious, movie Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 sees 2016 Teen Choice award winner for ‘Best Hissy Fit’ Ryan Reynolds reprise his greatest ever role, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, the regenerating degenerate with a heart of gold.

Hot off the heels of his first adventure, the film has Deadpool get in touch with his paternal side as he tries his best to save his newest, deadliest friend/substitute son Russell Collins (Julian Dennison) from time-travelling super soldier Cable (Josh Brolin).

Desperate to stop the gun-toting maniac Deadpool does the only thing you can do when you’re outgunned by a one-eyed cybernetic psychopath, get together a group of franchisable characters and form them into a new super team and thus the X-Force was born!

Fans and critics both adored Deadpool 2 with some reviewers going so far as to say it was filthier and funnier than the first film, which gave it an impressive 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Not only that but the movie earned a massive chunk of cheddar cheese at the worldwide box-office, raking in $730 million, and so far it’s the fifth biggest movie at the US box office in 2018.

Of course, when you’re making a movie this big there’s bound to be a few mix-ups and goofs on set, especially when you’ve got someone as hilarious as Ryan Reynolds on set.

Thankfully for you dear reader, the good people over at Fox had the foresight to get these outtakes on tape and they were even kind enough to share them with us, so we could share them with you.

My favourite bit is a toss-up between Ryan in true ‘Deadpoolian-style’ breaking the fourth wall to read the script or the time he forgets his line and lazily asks for ‘the first bit… and the middle bit and all the end’.

Classic Reynolds!

Check out Ryan and the X-Force’s antics here…

Despite the film’s great success, the exact future of Deadpool is currently unknown and at the time of theatrical release Ryan himself cast doubt on whether we’d ever actually see the third film in a potential trilogy.

Instead, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Reynolds claimed that future films may focus on the wider X-Force.

He said: 

I really don’t know if there will be a ‘Deadpool 3‘ I really don’t, I feel like the character, in order for him to function properly within his own universe, you need to take everything away from him. I don’t think that you can keep doing that.

I do see him as being a part of X-Force, obviously, I would love to see him in a team-up sort of thing, like a mano a mano or a great female character from the X-Men universe.

I just think if you’re going to do another Deadpool solo film, you’ve got to really, like, get that budget down to nothing and just swing for the fences, and break all kinds of weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do.

Thankfully, according to Screenrant, the Deadpool 2 director David Leitch has hinted that if given the opportunity he’d happily return to the series.

So it could be that like Wade himself the Deadpool franchise will be able to grow a pair of new legs… let’s just hope they’re not weird baby ones.

DEADPOOL 2 is available now on Digital Download and 4K Ultra HD & Blu-ray on September 17!

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