Deadpool 2 Teaser Leaks Online


Holy fucking shitballs the first teaser for Deadpool 2 has hit the web!

A leaked video, that seems to have been filmed in a theatre, has leaked online and shows our beloved Merc’ with a Mouth (Ryan Reynolds) walking through a city when he sees a man being attacked.

Clearly trying his hand at the whole superhero thing (Colossus would be proud) Wade finds the nearest phone box and tries to change into his iconic red leather.

20th Century Fox

Unfortunately it seems that Wade doesn’t have Clark Kent’s quick change abilities and he ends up being a little too late to save the man.

Classic Deadpool…

The teaser then ends with the message: ‘Deadpool… coming… not soon enough’.


According to Digital Spy the footage is actually from a new version of Logan (Out in cinemas now) which is three minutes longer than the version currently in theatres.

Unfortunately we can’t post the video, but it’s pretty easy to find online using this wonderful tool called Google so check it out before the dreaded spoiler police take it down.

Deadpool 2 is shooting later this year and is reportedly planned for a release in 2018