Deadpool Christmas Film Proceeds To Go To Cancer Charity

New Deadpool movie will arrive in December.20th Century Fox

This Christmas a beloved pop culture icon in a red suit is going to be delivering kids across the world a fantastic gift! A  fun child-friendly film!

Unfortunately, this gift’s not from old Saint Nick or even that weird mall Santa who stares at you when you walk past his grotto, it’s someone far more disturbing, Deadpool.

Yes, Deadpool the regenerating degenerate is getting his own PG-13 movie for the kiddies and we now know the film is called Once Upon A Deadpool. Catchy.

According to Deadline screenings of Once Upon A Deadpool – this title is too long we’re calling it Once Upon from here on out – will run from December 12 through to Christmas Eve in the hopes of luring young teens into the theatre this festive season.

It’s all for a good cause though because every dollar they raise in ticket money will be donated to the charity ‘F*ck Cancer’ which has been renamed ‘Fudge Cancer’ to fit with the PG theme.

Unfortunately, if you’ve already seen Deadpool 2 – and who hasn’t – you’ve seen the majority of Once Upon, which is reportedly a re-edited version of Wade Wilson’s second outing with the violence and cursing cut out to meet the standards of a PG-13.

Once Upon A Deadpool Twentieth Century Fox

Luckily for all you Deadpool maniacs out there, the film does have some new footage in the form of a framing device which was ripped off inspired by the 1987 classic The Princess Bride.

The device, written by Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, will see Wade Wilson recreate The Princess Bride’s bedtime-story set-up with Wade playing Fred Savage’s grandpa (originally Peter Falk).

Who’ll be playing Fred Savage’s sick grandson you ask? Well, none other than Fred Savage who Ryan Reynolds claims to have kidnapped so he could make this project a reality.

Reynolds told Deadline

Fox has been asking for a PG-13 basically since the start in 2006. I’ve said ‘no’ since 2006. Now, this one time, I said ‘Yes’ on two conditions.

First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition took some explaining…

Despite being kidnapped by Reynolds, Savage has managed to remain positive about the project, maintaining that he’s glad such an obvious cash grab will do some good.

fred savage peter falk princess bride20th Century Fox

Savage said:

While my participation in this film was anything but voluntary. I am happy to learn that Fudge Cancer will be the beneficiary of this shameless cash grab.

Quite what a Pg-13 Deadpool will look like, we’ve no idea but we’re pretty confident that with the talent behind the Merc With A Mouth at the wheel it’s going to be great.

Once Upon A Deadpool releases in the US on December 12, unfortunately, there’s no word on when the UK release will be… yet. 

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