Deadpool Could Be Back On Your Screens Pretty Soon

by : Tom Percival on : 18 Feb 2016 11:36

Deadpool is the best at what he does, he’s a top notch mercenary, a caring boyfriend and a prolific masturbater, but does he have what it takes to be the Saturday Night Live host? 

It should come as no surprise considering the colossal success of Deadpool, both critically and financially, that people want more Wade Wilson, and with a sequel naught but a red dot on the horizon fans are clamouring for more Deadpool wherever they can get it.


And now a Change.org petition demanding the world’s favourite anti-hero appear on SNL has hit the web, and has already garnered thousands of signatures.

deadpool snlNBC/Fox

The petition – made out to Ryan Reynolds, SNL boss Lorne Michaels and NBC – explains, in a slightly hyperactive manner, why Deadpool needs to appear on the show.

It reads:


How would this not be hilarious having Deadpool in sketches, breaking the 4th wall, and inserting some of his brand of humor (obviously toned down a bit for network television)!?!?! I have not watched a full episode of SNL in years because I just haven’t been able to stomach an entire episode, but having Deadpool host, star, and be all over the episode would get the DVR set so I can watch it again and again!!! Not to mention, depending on the musical guest, how awesome would it be to have some Deadpool interpretive dancing while the musical guest was playing? There’s unlimited possibilities!!!

A fictional character hosting SNL would be an unprecedented event, and a Deadpool appearance definitely has potential, especially if they kept him in character all the way through.


Just imagine him wearing a wig and costume over the full on red leathers, or getting bored halfway through a tired sketch and engaging in his his usual hyperactive shenanigans.


Unfortunately we can’t imagine NBC being comfortable with Deadpool’s colourful use of language or his tendency to solve problems with violence.

So as hilarious as it would be to see Kenan called a ‘shit speckled Muppet fart’ or a ‘wheezing bag of dick tips’, before being shot or beheaded, we can’t see a Deadpool appearance happening without the character being significantly toned down, and that leads us to a very bad place.

An X-Men Origins kind of place…

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