Deadpool Fan Arrested At Gunpoint After Being Mistaken For Terrorist

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Alessandro Botta and his best-friend Christian are two hardcore Deadpool fans hailing from Locarno, Switzerland.

Like any old Deadpool fans, the pair were pretty hyped up to see the new film and couldn’t wait to get down their local cinema to give it a watch.

But this is Allessandro and Christian we’re talking about here. These guys don’t do things in halves. So what did they do? They dressed head to toe as Deadpool (including toy guns), before meeting at a bus station and heading towards the cinema.

However – things went wrong. Oh so very wrong.

So what exactly happened you’re probably asking yourself. Well shortly after the pair met at the bus station in Lugano they were heading back to Alessandro’s house where they planned on driving to the cinema.

But as they walking back to Botta’s house they were surrounded and swarmed by at least eight armed police with their guns drawn. The police believed the duo were about to launch a terror attack.

The police forced the pair to lie face down on the floor before handcuffing the duo.

Alessandro spoke out about the bizarre incident in an interview with Tio, saying (translated by Google):

Neither of us thought it would be problem. I did not understand why and my attempt to tell him that it was a misunderstanding was useless.

The story goes that somebody rang the police after spotting the duo and reported two men carrying guns with their faces covered – hence the armed response team.

Apparently the duo were kept in a police station for around an hour before being let go. However Christian was still fined for wearing a face mask in public which is against the law under Switzerland’s burqa ban which prohibits covering your face in public.

To be fair it’s quite reassuring that the police responded to the incident so quickly considering the world is constantly under the threat of terror nowadays, and Alessandro agrees.

The police released a statement about the incident reading:

The procedure was part of operational tactics. [Police] have to intervene as quickly as possible when they receive this type of information.

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Miraculously the unfazed pair of friends still made it to the cinema in their outfits. I sure hope it was worth it.

Speaking about their experience in the cinema, Alessandro said:

People were amused. And we sat in the audience, dressed as Deadpool, watching the movie. Despite everything, it was a great evening.

the two water pistols the men were arrested withPolice Handout

It’s definitely a good story to tell the grandkids, even if their guns were seemingly seized.

‘Back when I was your age me and my friend went to the cinema and ended up arrested under suspicion of plotting a terror attack!’ Oh Grandpa, you’re so funny…

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