Death Row Prisoner’s Last Words Revealed Before Final ‘Conveyor Belt’ Execution

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Arkansas Department of Correction

A death row prisoner’s last words have now been revealed after he was executed and what he said was pretty disturbing. 


The thought of what your final words would be before you’re taken off this world is a pretty harrowing one, especially if you’re a convicted criminal and this is your last chance at repentance.

Killer Kenneth Williams’ chilling final words have now been revealed, according to the Mirror and as far as this sort of thing goes – and although what he did is inexcusable – they’re still quite upsetting.

The 38-year-old was sentenced to death, after escaping from his prison cell and killing two people – shockingly it was a bit Shawshank Redemption style, as he used a barrel of ‘pig slop’ to make his escape…


Worryingly, this all happened while he was still serving a previous sentence for the murder of a 19-year-old cheerleader…

The killer became the final resident on death row to be executed using ‘conveyor belt executions,’ in Arkansas and was killed using the lethal injection at the Cummin’s Unit prison last night.

His statement which was read out before he was executed for his crimes was a powerful message in which he asked for forgiveness.

He said:

I extend my sincerest of apologies to the families I have senselessly wronged and deprived of their loved ones.

I was more than wrong. The crimes I perpetrated against you all was senseless, extremely hurtful and inexcusable.

Horrendously, it was reported he took 13 minutes to die and went through 20 traumatic convulsions in the process, before he was finally pronounced dead at 4.05am UK time.


It’s fascinating to wonder about what sort of food you’d pick if it was your final meal – surely it’s not just me?

Williams ate two pieces of fried chicken, barbecue beans, sweet rice, whole kernel corn, stewed seasoned tomatoes, two cinnamon rolls, two cookies, four slices of bread and fruit punch, before his organised death.

In his lifetime, Williams had killed deputy warden, Cecil Boren, before killing another man when the truck he’d stolen – from Boren – ploughed into another vehicle.

Four death row inmates were killed in eight days as the use of the lethal injection in Arkansas reaches its medical expiry date at the end of April.

Obviously the man committed atrocious crimes during his life and ultimately paid the price for them with his own life.

It doesn’t make his last words any the less haunting though…

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    Death row prisoner's final words revealed before he becomes last inmate to die in Arkansas' 'conveyor belt' executions