Death Stranding Gets Outstanding New 5 Minute Trailer



Hideo Kojima finally unveiled a second trailer for the mysterious Death Stranding during The Game Awards 2016, and it sure is… something. 

The new trailer somehow manages to beat the initial reveal in terms of pure strangeness, and it pretty much raises way more questions than it answers.


Still, we do at least now know one thing sure: that Doctor Strange and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen will be joining Norman Reedus and his invisible crying baby – as something of a bad guy by the looks of it.

Let’s not waste any more time, eh? Check out the trailer below.

The trailer begins with a man who looks a hell of a lot like Kojima’s one-time P.T collaborator (and film director) Guillermo del Toro clutching a jar that appears to have a baby in it.

The implication seems to be that this character is not supposed to have a baby, based on his mannerisms and the way he hides from the weird, skinless soldiers and tanks covered in body parts – seriously, what the fuck?

The end of the trailer sees a group of soldiers led by Mads emerging from the darkness of a sewer tunnel. He appears to be connected to the soldiers with the same black strands we’ve seen before, and that Kojima has previously teased play a big role in the game.


Death Stranding still has no release date, but Kojima did confirm that the trailer we saw was running on a PS4 Pro. Let the speculation commence.