Death Stranding Unveiled By Hideo Kojima


The world has been waiting with baited breath for Hideo Kojima’s new project under his own Kojima Productions, and now we have a cinematic trailer for the stunning Death Stranding. And there’s a familiar face in it, too.

In the stunning new trailer, we see The Walking Dead‘s Norman Reedus (also of P.T.) waking up on a desolate beach next to a crying baby. As he cradles the baby, weeping, it vanishes, and the camera pans out to reveal a the beach is full of dead sealife.

To be honest, the trailer raises more questions than it answers – namely, what the hell is going on? But if gamers have learnt anything, it’s that Hideo Kojima is a master of disguise, and we’ll likely learn more in the coming weeks and months.

There’s predictably no other info on the title at the moment, and definitely no release date but keep your eyes locked on Kojima’s twitter, where he’s bound to post more cryptic clues.