Deep Fried Turkey Is A Thing, But You Probably Shouldn’t Try It At Home


It’s coming up to a very festive time of year, a time where both Thanksgiving and Christmas dominate everything – and that means turkeys.

Apparently it’s now actually a thing to deep fry the traditional festive bird, giving it a nutritious artery clogging finish, as these videos sort of demonstrate.

I say sort of, because they’re not exactly instructional videos that anyone should be following, they’re more like advice on how not to do it.

So sit back and take some notes – if you’re planning on deep frying a turkey, don’t do this, because no one likes soggy turkey:

Tip two, always wear shoes. That should really go without saying…

Here are some real-life firemen proving how fucked up things can get really quickly. You may have noticed there was a lot of fire:

Another top tip: if the oil is already on fire, don’t drop the turkey in it, because that’s how you loose your house:

And make sure you have the right fire extinguisher with you, because you’re probably going to need to put it out…

So there you go, I hope you’ve taken it all on board and stay safe over the festive season.

Remember, a boiling vat of oil might seem like a good place to stick your turkey, but it’s probably not.