Deep Video Shows Real Meaning Of Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Advert

by : UNILAD on : 08 Mar 2017 16:35

Kendall Jenner hit the headlines this week with her disastrous Pepsi advert, but now someone has created a video showing the ‘real meaning’ behind the ad. 


The Pepsi ad got completely panned and rightly so, for creating a video which was offensive and ‘tone-deaf,’ involving member of the Kardashian Klan, Kendall Jenner.

The toe-curling clip  – which has now been completely binned off, after creators admitted they missed ‘the mark’ – showed the model stride up to a policeman at a protest and hand him a can of the sugary drink.

The whole disturbing and frankly embarrassing premise of this horrendous advert was basically suggesting, the reality TV star-turned-model could stop the protest and end America’s problems, just by handing out a can of drink.

Obviously none of this went down well at all and the whole thing was trashed soon after as the concept of the advert, combined with the use of the model associated with the Kardashians, was a car crash waiting to happen…


To pinpoint everything that is completely awful about this dreadful piece of advertising, a video emerged on JWZ, which seems to peel back its layers and reveal the real underlying messages…

The video starts off with Kendall innocently marching up to the policeman monitoring the protest, before it highlights the dark and twisted truth…

A pair of grey-filtered glasses are placed over the screen which is supposed to counter the rose tint, which Pepsi seem to have used, by insinuating all is fine and dandy with the world if you just down their drink.

Unnervingly, the policeman’s creepy muscle-clad skull is revealed by these x-ray type shades and the can of the soft drink he’s necking back, now reads ‘CONSUME.’

The camera follows Kendall back to the cheering crowds and its disturbing-but-true message appears before our very eyes.

It reads:


Capitalism Solves Everything. Capitalism is Happiness.

It then swings round to show the now dancing skeletons in the crowd, before focusing back on the policeman when the message pops up again saying ‘Respect Authority.’

It then finishes with the final creepy message of ‘Reproduce And Die,’ superimposed over Kendall’s laughing face.

Here’s the new version:

Unlike Pepsi, this version really hits the mark and basically sums up exactly what’s wrong with the world and with their ill-thought out advertising campaign all in one.

Not exactly great news for Kendall though who’s managed to get herself tied up in all of this. Definitely check the screenplay before you sign on the line next time eh Kendall…

This one was a total blow out.


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