Delivery Driver Refuses To Help Pregnant Mum Carry Shopping Up Stairs

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Delivery driver refuses to carry pregnant mum's shopping.SWNS

A heavily pregnant woman was forced to lug her monthly shop up two flights of stairs after an Asda delivery driver stated he would ‘rather not’ help her out.

Amy Natasha Botten, filmed the footage at her flat in Feltham, west London; which shows the driver emptying her £200 shop onto the floor at the bottom of the stairwell, without the carrier bags she had requested.


Amy had been forced to leave her crying toddler inside the flat while carting the shopping up the two flights of stairs all by herself.

When Amy confronted the driver, he refused to assist her. This was despite the pregnant mother clearly being out of breath with her young son being in audible distress.

In the video which has now been watched over 1.2 million times, Amy can be heard asking:


Can you not help me with this last little bit because my little boy is up there crying his eyes out?

However, the the delivery driver remains unmoved by her plight, simply responding, ‘I’d rather not’.

Amy replied:

You’d rather not? But this is your job.


When Amy quizzed the driver about the missing carrier bags, the driver just shrugged and said there were ‘no more bags’.

Delivery Driver pregnant mum asda refused helpSWNS

Once again, Amy asked the delivery driver to give her a hand with the shopping, pleading:

Can you not hear my little boy crying his eyes out?


Before packing up and wheeling away his plastic pallets, the driver responded:

Little, no problem. But this…

Appearing shocked by the driver’s uncaring attitude, Amy could then be heard saying:

Can you not be a decent person? I am heavily pregnant.

You are just going to walk off and leave me with this now?

Thank you so much for your help.

delivery driver pregnant mum babySWNS

Writing about her ordeal on Facebook, Amy said:

This shouldn’t be happening to anyone, bad health, lonely and elderly, disabled, pregnant!!

It should NOT BE HAPPENING. It’s called HOME delivery.

I just had to carry £200 monthly shop up two flights of stairs alone, pregnant with pelvic problems. No choice but to leave my son on his own crying.

She explained Asda offered her an apology and sent over some flowers and – despite her being heavily pregnant – a bottle of champagne:

Feltham Asda gave me a bottle of champagne and some flowers and couldn’t apologise enough for the driver not doing his job. (No I won’t be drinking it and no I didn’t record this for compensation).


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The incident has since sparked outrage, with many people calling for the unhelpful driver to be dismissed.

One person raged:

Absolutely disgusting, as a driver for another supermarket I would never dream of putting a customer in this situation. Appalling.

Another fumed:

The mans an ignorant ar*e hole. Seeing she was pregnant and hearing the child cry he Shoulda helped her. It woulda been the right thing to do….Asda are bang outta order.

Senior Press Officer at Asda, Jack Woodhead, told UNILAD:

We always try to offer our customers great service but clearly we got it wrong on this occasion and we are truly sorry. This goes against our home shopping policies and we have offered our full apology to Ms Botten and are in contact with her to try and make amends.

On their website, Asda state it is their ‘commitment to deliver your order to your front door and offer to take it into your home’.

However, a delivery driver is reportedly not obliged to do so if he feels it is too ‘unsafe’ either to enter the property or to use the stairs leading up to it.

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