Demi Lovato Posts To Social Media For First Time Since Overdose

by : UNILAD on : 06 Nov 2018 21:15
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Demi Lovato has broken her social media silence following her reported overdose, back in July.

The singer had been rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, US, after emergency services were called to her home due to an apparent opioid-related overdose.


It was only weeks after releasing her song Sober, in which she documented her battle with substance abuse. Lovato first entered rehab at the age of 18, completing her inpatient treatment for ’emotional and physical issues’ in January 2011, report ET.

Lovato later revealed in various interviews and in her documentary, Simply Complicated, she struggled with bulimia and was self-medicating with drugs like cocaine and alcohol. She’d celebrated six years of sobriety in March 2018, but relapsed shortly after, seemingly addressing it in Sober, which she released in June.

Today (November 6), in time for the US mid-terms, Lovato has returned to social media, in what many have seen as a positive and constructive way: to tell the youth (of voting age) of America to vote.


Taking to Instagram, she wrote:

I am so grateful to be home in time to vote! One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard! Now go out and #VOTE!!!!

You heard the woman. If I was an American citizen, I’d sure be inspired to get myself down to the nearest ballot box and let it be known I fully endorse Donald Trump…joking!

No but seriously, good on her for using her fame to encourage people to go and vote for what they believe in.


Two weeks after being taken to hospital, she took to Instagram once again to be honest about her situation.

She wrote:

I have always been transparent about my journey with addiction. What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time.

It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.


Let’s hope Demi gets all the help and support she needs as she continues with her recovery.

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