Barber Involved In Cut-Throat Murder Now Works As Hairdresser

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Apr 2016 14:37

A cruel yob who took part in the savage cut-throat murder of a vulnerable young woman has been released from prison and is now working as a barber. 


Leigh Mackinnon, 26, was involved in the brutal killing of 19-year-old Laura Milne just a mile away from where she now cuts her clients’ hair.

Mackinnon who was 18 at the time of the murder, cruelly punched, kicked and stamped on Laura with Debbie Buchan, 19, before Stuart Jack slit her throat, the Mirror reports.


Jack, 22, then mutilated Laura’s body and the cowardly trio tried to conceal their crimes by hiding her body in a cupboard for several days.


The three also filmed themselves gloating over the killing and even sent fake messages to trick Laura’s family and friends into thinking she was still alive.

Mackinnon was freed  from a nine-year sentence early and has been posting photos of herself on Facebook posing inside Gents Cut & Go in Aberdeen’s King Street.


It’s reported Mackinnon, who has changed her name to Sherylleigh, trained as a hairdresser while behind bars and used to cut the other cons’ hair.

But customers popping in for a quick trim at the salon, where she rents a chair, will be oblivious to her connection to one of the city’s most notorious murders.

Laura Milne, 19, who had mild learning difficulties and was considered vulnerable, naive and easily manipulated, was volunteering at the Cyrenians’ Day Centre for homeless people in Aberdeen where she met Jack who killed her on December 12, 2007.


Mackinnon and Buchan tricked Laura into believing they were friends with her they but turned on her in an orgy of violence at Buchan’s flat in Union Street, Aberdeen.


The two women beat her, forced her to the floor and began stamping on her again and again. The monstrous Jack then stabbed her repeatedly before slashing Laura’s throat. He then cut off one of her ears and tried to hack off her head, legs and breast.

The High Court in Edinburgh was shown a video of Jack and Buchan discussing the attack two days later with Jack filmed saying he was glad Laura was dead.


Jack, who was jailed for life for murder in 2008, while Mackinnon and Buchan were jailed for nine years and nine years, four months respectively after they admitted attempted murder and attempting to cheat justice.

The court was told at the time that Mackinnon was an intelligent girl who had been enrolled on a college course before she’d allowed drink and drugs to take control of her life.

But judge Lord Woolman said this was no excuse and that none of the accused had given a coherent account of their actions.

Unlike her co-accused Buchan, Mackinnon has never said sorry for the crime.

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