‘Demonically Possessed’ Woman ‘Spits Blood’ As She Battles Exorcist


Disturbing footage of a woman, who was reportedly ‘possessed by a demon’, contorting unnaturally and seemingly spitting out blood as a priest exorcises her has emerged online.

The bizarre video, which was posted to YouTube with the title ‘Devil possession’, shows a young woman, clearly in distress, writhing on the ground with a red liquid, similar to blood leaking from her mouth staining her white shirt, the Mirror reports.

The ‘possessed’ girl is sitting inside a strange chalked symbol and several men put their hands on her shoulders, ordering her to stand in Spanish.

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Once the ‘demonic’ woman’s on her feet a shirtless man begins barking commands at her, but she begins to hit herself, howling nonsense.

The shirtless man then grabs her wrists and shakes her arms up and down, after a while the woman straightens up , and the group surrounding them applauds.

Reportedly there’s been a huge boom in demand for exorcisms, which some have put down to Pope Francis’ frequent references to the devil.

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Allegedly the Catholic Church has convened an exorcism conference and trained more and more priests in the art of forcing dark and demonic spirits out of human bodies.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Mexican priest Father said:

Pope Francis talks about the Devil all the time and that has certainly raised awareness about exorcisms. But all Latin Americans have this sensibility – for them, the existence of the Devil is part of their faith.

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Reportedly the Pope himself has performed an informal exorcism on a Mexican parishioner which has only heightened demand, according to a scholar writing for the Catholic Herald.

Whether the girl was possessed or not we hope she’s getting the help she needed now.