Dennis Skinner Sticks V-Sign Up At Labour Rebels

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jun 2016 15:48

Dennis Skinner does love to make his feelings known in when in Parliament, and today was no different.


Following the monumental mess that was the EU referendum, Labour backbenchers continued to heckle Jeremy Corbyn in the Commons, calling for him to resign.

But the Beast of Bolsover was in no mood to entertain petty in fighting during a time of political crisis – he instead welcomed Corbyn and flicked a V at the rebels.

Check it out:


Corbyn has had to face the resignation of 23 ministers who are to leave his shadow cabinet, and the calls of ‘resign!’ were clearly too much for Skinner to tolerate.

Although it should come as no surprise – he was thrown out of the Commons earlier this year after labelling outgoing Tory Prime Minister David Cameron ‘Dodgy Dave’.

As reported by the Independent, Corbyn has spoke to make clear he won’t resign:

As political leaders, we have a duty to calm our language and our tone, especially after the shocking events of 10 days ago [Jo Cox’s death].

Our country is divided, and the country will thank neither the benches in front of me nor the benches behind for indulging in internal factional manoeuvring at this time.


Meanwhile David Cameron took a moment out from his busy schedule of setting the nation back half a century to revel in Labour’s internal meltdown.

He said, welcoming Labour MP Rosena Allin-Khan:

Let me welcome the new honourable member for Tooting. I advise her to keep her mobile phone turned on – she might be in the Shadow Cabinet by the end of the day.


Stand up comedy awaits once you fuck off and leave someone else to pick up the pieces…

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    Dennis Skinner flicks V-sign at Labour rebels