Dermot O’Leary Accidentally Showed His Dick On X Factor


Another day, another dick. 

Dermot O’ Leary, The X Factor host and all round good egg, has sparked a new cock and balls controversy after donning a pair of particularly tight trousers on Sunday night’s show.

As the host introduced viewers to the Boot Camp stage of the show at Alexandra Palace – in which contestants proceed to back stab and bicker with their new best friends – you could quite obviously see the full fruit bowl through his garments.

Twitter was quick to react, with some delightful comments about Dermot’s Trifecta. Some were impressed, some horrified and some merely confused about what TV’s top boy had in his boxers.

Apparently the standard of The X Factor contestants is so poor this year, and viewers so disillusioned by the tired old formats, that Dermot’s anatomical prowess is more entertaining and notable than listening to any of the hopeful wannabees sing.

After Olly Murs’ recent desperate dick pic, and the ongoing disaster that is Simon Cowell‘s trousers, perhaps ITV could consider hiring the X Factor men a new stylist.