Desperate Lad Tries To Cover Girlfriend After She Loses Trousers On Fairground Ride


This clip captures the embarassing moment where a woman is caught in a compromising position after her trousers fell down on a fairground ride.

The cringe factor goes through the fucking roof as you realise she isn’t wearing any underwear at all… so so awkward.


As the La Tagada ride flung them about she pretty much flashed everyone there and her desperate boyfriend tried his very best to cover up his girlfriend but it proved too strong for him to keep hold.

The incident – which happened at Costa Rica’s Zapote Festival in the capital San Jose – saw the couple become the main attraction as bystanders cheered in the background at the girls unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

They both tried in vain to spare her blushes but the damage was already done as one cheeky onlooker recorded the scene on his phone and it has been watched by tens of thousands of people since it was published online this morning.

She definitely picked the wrong day to go commando…