Destiny Players Solve Ridiculously Elaborate Hidden Quest For Awesome Reward


Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion has been out for a few days now, and players have been working hard to try and solve a mystery known as the Monitor puzzle.

Obviously, one team has already cracked the case, and received a shiny new Exotic weapon for doing so – a 390 Light level Exotic pulse rifle known as Outbreak Prime, to be precise.

Repeatedly shooting an enemy with it can spawn SIVA nanites that attack other enemies, so read on if you want to know how to get your hands on this wonderful toy.

Making the Outbreak Prime your own is no easy task, as it involves completing Rise of Iron’s challenging raid multiple times and solving a number of difficult puzzles.

Players must – among other things – convert binary numbers that flash on an in-game monitor into decimal, and use this special calculator to solve a later puzzle, which must be done with only one Warlock, one Hunter, and one Titan in a Fireteam together.

You can read more about the punishingly long process here and here on Destiny‘s subreddit, and credit to Twitch streamer Datto, whose team seems to have been the first to pull it off.

You can watch a detailed rundown from Datto below.

Of course, solving the entire thing seems to have been a group effort on the part of numerous intelligent, skilled, and patient players – go team.