Detroit Gang Rape Suspect Turns Himself In, After Going On Fox News And Announcing “I’m Innocent”



A third suspect in a gang rape incident has turned himself in to Detroit police, but ended up on Fox News declaring his innocence.

In recent months, armed men have dragged couples into alleyways, robbing them, and then raping the women.

Last week, two teenagers, 17-year-old Jordan Reese and 18-year-old Antoine Orr, were arrested in connection to these attacks.

Police later released a picture of Chico Bruce, declaring him an official suspect.

He decided to turn himself in, but not before speaking to Fox News and protesting his innocence.


Bruce insists that he was with his girlfriend and family, and while he knew one of the suspects, he had nothing to do with the attacks.

He said:

I’ve never been in a gang. I’m not in a gang. It isn’t me.

I’m innocent. I want a lie detector test, everything.

Police are currently investigating the events, and believe that it could have been linked with gang initiation.