Devastating Footage Captured Inside Syrian Children’s Classroom As Airstrikes Hit Area

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A video that shows the reality of life for Syrian children has gone viral.

The clip is originally from March, but has resurfaced in the wake of the UK government’s vote last night to begin a series of airstrikes in Syria.

In the footage a classroom of kids are having a lesson when a massive explosion hits a nearby building, sending the terrified kids hiding under the desks.

The bombs appear to be attributed to the Syrian regime, our new sort-of temporary ally while we fight ISIS, and the incident shows the effect bombing campaigns have on civilian populations.

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Although the UK government plans to use controlled strikes to hit IS targets and minimise civilian causalities, many innocent Syrians will undoubtedly be caught up in the violence and lose their lives.

Civilians weren’t meant to die during the Iraq war, either, but the Iraq Body Count – a project that ‘records the violent deaths that have resulted from the 2003 invasion’ – puts the number of documented violent civilian deaths at between 147,335 and 167,060 since military intervention began.

UK rapper Mic Righteous posted the footage to his Facebook:

This is whats going on 3,000 miles away from home in the name of our safety, this is Syria today but apparently we are…

Posted by Mic Righteous Official on Thursday, 3 December 2015

Something to think about as our military is sent on yet another war in the Middle East.