Diamond Dealer’s Wife Predicted His Death Three Days Before He Died

Diamond dealer's wife predicted his death.CEN

The wife of a murdered diamond dealer reportedly predicted his death, and had even urged him to move countries in his final days.

Serbian businessman George Mihaljevic was killed during a drive by shooting in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa. Two gunmen on a motorbike pulled up alongside Mihaljevic as he sat in his Porsche and opened fire on him.

Police spokesman Andre de Jaager stated 43-year-old Mihaljevic had managed to drive approximately 100 yards from the scene of the crime before exiting the vehicle. He died shortly after getting out of the car.

His wife – the former Miss Bulgaria Natalia Gurkova-Mihaljevic – had reportedly begged Mihaljevic to flee South Africa in the days leading up to his murder, pleading, ‘Let’s run away from here!’

Natalia, who was crowned Miss Bulgaria in 1998, had repeatedly stated she had felt unsafe living in South Africa. She had reportedly been insistent about she and her husband moving to Bulgaria along with their children, Gorgina and Kristijan.

Now working as a model and actress, Natalia had travelled to Bulgaria without Mihaljevic and was informed of his murder while attending fashion week in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria.

As reported by The South African, Mihaljevic had owned various diamond and gold trading companies, including Sandton Gold and Diamond Exchange and Salon Prive.

Mihaljevic had earned the nickname ‘Hollywood George’ on account of his ‘worldly appearance’, according to OFF News. He and Natalia were said to have enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle together.

According to IOL, IRS Forensic Investigations’ Chad Thomas has stated:

There have been several hits in Johannesburg in recent months, along with three hits in Belgrade (Serbia) all allegedly linked to an ongoing international organised crime war.

It’s unfortunate that South Africa has become a battleground for rival syndicates to settle scores.

Forensic investigator and fraud examiner Paul O’Sullivan said:

There is no rule of law in South Africa. Virtually none of the crimes committed by Krejcir were ever solved, because the cops were on his payroll. The Police, the Hawks and National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) have been captured for at least the last five years.

The return of the rule of law is not going to happen any time soon, whilst the law enforcement agencies are being managed by the mafia, which is a big pity because the vast majority of police officers are honest, hardworking people that want to make a difference.

They are lions led by corrupt donkeys.

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O’Sullivan has claimed Mihaljevic’s companies functioned by purchasing and melting down stolen jewellery before selling the raw materials back to dealers of gold and diamond for profit.

O’Sullivan has claimed Mihaljevic was a ‘dead man walking’ falling out with convicted Czech mobster, Radovan Krejcir:

Mihaljevic has been living on borrowed time for many years. He was historically linked to Krejcir, but the two of them fell out after Krejcir stole Mihaljevic’s business model (Sandton Gold & Diamond Exchange) and adapted it for Moneypoint in Bedfordview.

Both businesses were run along very similar grounds and made a handsome profit out of the proceeds of crime.

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Police officers are currently investigating the murder, with no arrests having yet been reported.

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