Did Liam Gallagher Predict 9/11 A Year Before It Happened?


What’s your favourite YouTube video? The Scottish mum berating her daughters for having a shite and not flushing? That skateboarder tripping up over a stone and dropping all those coffees he’s bought for his friends? Chocolate Rain?

Mine’s what you’d call a lost gem. A piece of monumental content that has for whatever reason slipped by the wayside. It’s the Onion headline that got away. It’s Liam Gallagher predicting 9/11.

Not exactly what we see as a ‘YouTube video’, given that it could’ve popped up anywhere if Facebook and Twitter had functioned as video platforms in 2006, this short clip from an interview in 2000 is nonetheless historical. Unassuming, despite the material, but historical.

Other so-and-so-predicts-911 videos are often long-winded, ‘serious’ and, you know, foreseen by some foreign policy expert. At once this video is the polar opposite. We’ve got LG, New York, long hair, shades, the geezer stance, and best of all an audience of young hipsters who would probably point to Serbia if asked to locate Manchester on a world map. What could go wrong?

Nothing for them or the presenter, but as it happens, the US government.

When quizzed about the cover of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants that features the New York skyline on its cover, LG said:

I thought I’d pay you respect and that before they blow you up and that.

Ambiguous, on the money, the rambling of a man on a comedown? You be the judge.

(I do not think nor do I condone the idea that 911 was an inside job and that the blueprints were leaked to Britpop bands. I also do not believe Liam Gallagher, as talented as a man he is, possesses psychic abilities.)

As you were x.