Did This Olympic Closing Ceremony Warn Us About An Alien Invasion?


Olympic closing ceremonies are always extraordinary events but the 1984 event in Los Angeles may have been more special than anyone realises.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the ceremony wasn’t just a celebration of the heroic athleticism of its competitors, instead it was prepping us for contact with aliens, The Daily Star reports.

Back in 1984 the Memorial Coliseum the closing celebration was in full flow, with Lionel Richie singing, laps of honour from horses and riders, and a traditional Chinese dance.

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But the stadium was plunged into darkness and lasers shot around, before an alien spaceship appeared and an extraterrestrial being stepped out in a  spacesuit.

Now conspiracy theorists are speculating that the whole event was a false flag for an impending alien invasion, and UFO hunters online have claimed it was ‘predictive programming’ to prepare us for the coming aliens.

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Some even speculate that this could happen this year and conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper, who died back in 2001, went so far as to suggest the UFO may have even been a real.

He said:

There was no helicopter up there holding this thing. They’ll tell you that, but it’s not true. Can you imagine the liability they would have if they were carrying this thing suspended on a cable underneath the helicopter over the heads of hundreds of thousands of people?

It was under its own power.

It’s a great theory but clearly bullshit…