Did You Spot The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Easter Eggs In ‘Westworld’?


Warning: Westworld spoilers.


It’s official: Westworld is at the top of the popularity charts, according to IMDb – surpassing The Walking Dead, Vikings, Black Mirror, and yes, even Game of Thrones.

After the pilot aired, 1.84 million people tuned in to watch people dressed like cowboys kill robots dressed like cowboys.

That first season, which has finally drawn to a close, provided viewers with 10 riveting episodes and a shocking finale that revealed Ford’s new, macabre narrative.


Between wondering if William was the Man in Black to learning about Bernard’s true identity, practically every moment had viewers on the edge of their seats. And while you may count yourself as a first-season fan, there may have been some important moments you may have missed without realising.

Like all good shows, Westworld is full of extra goodies for eagle-eyed viewers, and inside Westworld’s theme park there was something hidden in plain sight: Several Game of Thrones references.

If you didn’t notice them, we don’t blame you. Some of them were hard to find. But not for the eagle-eyed Mic journalist Brent McCluskey, who managed to find these…

Ford’s wall of faces:

Look familiar? Early on we get a glimpse of Ford’s office buried deep within the inner workings of the Westworld offices, and it’s filled with Ford’s memories: A Host prototype sitting at a piano, waiting to be activated and a picture of Ford and Arnold on his desk. On the wall behind him is a collage of dozens of Host faces, and if you’ve followed Arya Stark’s storyline in Game of Thrones, it should look familiar. It’s eerily similar to the Hall of Faces – a mysterious chamber that houses skinned faces of the dead.

Logan’s pin:

In episode 9, William and Dolores are once again at the mercy of Logan. After a whole lot of chaos and bloodshed (we won’t ruin it for you), there’s one glaring Game of Thrones easter egg that’s pretty hard not to spot: Logan’s pin. While it’s not a direct replica of GoT’s Hand of the King pin, it sure does look a hell of a lot similar.

Was that a Direwolf?


In one of the scenes, we get a brief look at a lone wolf roaming through the bloody aftermath of an entire village of dead Hosts. Though some have reported seeing Jon Snow’s Direwolf, Ghost was all white. It seems more likely that the grey and white wolf running through the bodies was a reference to Arya’s Nymeria or Sansa’s Lady.

Considering anything is possible in Westworld, we can’t really rule either out.