Dirt Biker Knocked Off Bike By Mysterious ‘Humanoid Creature’

by : UNILAD on : 27 Mar 2017 10:00

A seriously weird video of an odd ‘humanoid’ man running away after knocking a motorcyclist off his bike has emerged and it’s freaky AF. 


The video starts off with a team of bikers, riding through the jungle in Aceh, Indonesia, when a naked man jumps out of the jungle and shocks one of the riders off his bike.

The being is also clearly taken aback by the bikers and makes a hasty run for it along the dirt track.


One of the bikers with a head cam on follows the spooked naked-person and speedily follows him, hoping to get a glimpse of who this person in the buff is.


The little guy, who is presumably a child, as he is half the size of a normal proportioned adult, then turns abruptly, legs it into the long grass and disappears.

The video has since gone viral, with viewers speculating on who the naked presence may be.

Many are saying it could be a member of the Mante tribe, which is believed to be a mythical tribe which has never been ‘officially’ established, according to the Malaysian Star.

One wrote:

Many said they were extinct because no one can find them… [but] they will flee if met.

Another added:

They are named Mante, which is considered a myth… they are a kind of ancient human.


Here’s the freaky footage in full:

I think it’s safe to say this ‘being’ is definitely human, but as to why he was running naked through the jungle, no-one seems to have any idea…

How mysterious.

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    HEBOH ! Kaget ada orang telanjang di hutan Aceh