Disney Emojis Are Coming And Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again

by : UNILAD on : 09 Jul 2016 12:42

Do you love Disney? Of course you do, it’s literally impossible to hate Disney, because at least one of their films was your absolute favourite thing as a child.


You can’t escape the Disney tyranny, they catch you young and never let go, let it go. Just when you think you’ve nearly outgrown Mickey Mouse’s white gloved vice-like grip, you settle down have your own kids and the whole cycle starts again.


The only real way to free yourself from being crushed by the cultural behemoth is to settle down and surrender to full Disney love. A bit like the scene in Clockwork Orange where his eyes are pinned open in the cinema.


Once you’ve accepted that Disney is an inevitable and unavoidable part of your life you might want to get on board with sending your mates some cute emoji versions of everyone’s favourite characters ?.

This is your life now. Only Donald Duck can truly convey your emotions to other people. You’ve known Donald longer than any of your ‘friends’ anyway.


Friends will only betray you.

Donald would never do that.


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