Disney World Completely Battered By Hurricane Irma In Devastating Pics

by : UNILAD on : 12 Sep 2017 10:38

Hurricane Irma reached Florida over the weekend continuing on its path of destruction causing complete chaos.


Thankfully though, Disney World has survived the storm but it did take a pretty severe battering from the high speed winds.

The hurricane pounded the park causing a loss of power and plenty of destruction including uprooted trees, broken signs and damage to the buildings.


Luckily there was no major damage but a massive clean-up operation is going to be needed before the park can fully reopen to visitors.

The park was closed on September 10 and 11 after a state of emergency was declared in the state of Florida.

Disney World announced the closure on Twitter and asked people to ‘observe local curfews’ and to remain in their rooms.

With the hurricane being downgraded to a tropical depression as it calmed overnight, Disney World announced the park will reopen today although the water parks will remain closed until further notice.

Their team of Cinderellas will have to get to work quickly then in order to have the park looking fabulous for guests.

No problem for Disney –  they always work their magic.


Irma devastated southeastern parts of the US, leaving millions of homes without power as well as causing widespread flooding in major states, such as Florida and South Carolina.

Heavy winds and rain are expected to hit Alabama next, with the death toll currently standing at five in the US and 37 across the Caribbean islands.

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